Population: 1264

Area: 40,86 km²

Villages: 8

Kindergartens: 1



Kasepää village was first mentioned in 1431 as a fishing spot in Kivijärve village by Lake Peipus. Leonid Mihhailov mentions in his book „Peipsimaa asulad" that in 1599, Kasepää village was mentioned in Poland's' audit documents as Kazepe.

Kasepää municipality is located at the eastern border of Estonia, it is situated south of Mustvee town, by Lake Peipus. By its area, Lake Peipus is the 4th lake in Europe and 53rd lake in the world.
In 1992-1998 Kasepää area was known as Raja municipality. In 1998, it was renamed to Kasepää municipality. The first local government elections were held in 1993 and Lembit Muru was chosen to be the first mayor of the municipality.

The lands in Kasepää are low and field, you cannot find any high topography. In the southern part of the municipality, there is Kullavere (Omedu) River flowing into Lake Peipus. Forest land covers more than half of the territory. Great amount of that is groomed and reclaimed forest. A part of Tellise Nature Reserve is located inside the municipality. In addition, Northwest-Peipsi conservation area runs among Lake Peipus shore.



Kasepää municipality has its own kindergarten – Tiheda Kindergarten with 49 places. Kindergarten is bilingual – it operates in Estonian and Russian. In addition to two groups there is also a special group for small children (about 1-3 years old). Student-aged children go to school in nearby municipalities.

Sports activities can be done on stadium of Kasepää municipality, it has opportunities for basketball, football and also volleyball. In 2007, multifunctional playground with synthetic grass was established. Volleyball can also be played on a court in Omedu village. Light traffic road is suitable for roller skaters and pole walkers. In Kasepää, there is MTÜ Mustvee-Kasepää Sports club which organizes football trainings and camps for boys. The biggest sports events are The Son of Kalev's Rollerskating marathon (Kalevipoja rulluisumaraton) in summertime and The Son of Kalev's Ice-skating marathon (Kalevipoja uisumaraton) during wintertime. In 2014, Kasepää Street run was held.

The most significant culture event is The Son of Kalev's' Fish and Water festival (Kalevipoja Kala- ja Veefestival) that takes place in every August. In addition, many concerts and theatre shows take place at Kasepää's new stage.

You can find two libraries with Internet points, Kasepää Community house and Raja Culture house from the area The most active associations are: MTÜ Omedu Külaselts, MTÜ Koduvald Kasepää and Kasepää Kultuuriselts. Inhabitants of the area are very active in culture life: different singing groups have been formed (Vingerjas, Eluõied and Rainka) and Kasepää has its own theatre group.



Through years, the symbols of Kasepää municipality have been fish, onion, cucumber, carrot and garlic. The main fields of entrepreneurship are fishing, growing and distribution of agriculture products, wood production (in a small amount), construction, trade, tourism and catering.

The biggest entrepreneurs are: OÜ Peipsi Kalatööstus (fish manufacturing; they own two eating out places – Kuldkala I and Kuldkala II), Omedu Rand OÜ (fishing), MIF Laine OÜ (fish and fish products processing and retention; fishing), Talu Köögivili OÜ (growing vegetables; potato processing and retention)



Accommodation possibilities are offered by OÜ Must Pärl (Hostel Jussin Maja) and MIF Laine OÜ. It is possible to tent at village court of Omedu Village Association and behind municipality house, on a groomed beach area. Catering service is offered by OÜ Peipsi Kalatööstus – fish restaurants Kuldkala I and Kuldkala II. You can also find a 7 km long street village. That is a special sight that you cannot find nowhere else in Europe.

The most well-known symbol of Kasepää is Raja Old Believers sanctuary – its appearance in previous colors and style was restored in 2003. The most well-known icon writer of all times, Gavriil Frolov (1854-1930) lived in this house. Old Believers think of Frolov in such a deferential way that they have kept the original wallpaper in his room that was there in the moment of his death. The congregation owns a lot of objects important to Old Believers and culture life of Estonia: baptistery from 19th century, icons written by Gavriil Frolov, library with over 160 books – some of them still need restoration.

Old Believers follow their own traditions and ways of life. Old Believers who live here, are divided between two different congregations: Raja Old Believers congregation and Kikita Old Believers congregation.

Worth-seeing sights: unique street village along Lake Peipus shore; Raja Old Believers prayer house with sanctuary, Kikita Old Believers church, two cemeteries, vegetable market, navigable River Omedu, museum of samovars and Old Believers. (Permanent exhibition „Samovars and Old Believers" shows a collection of different samovars. There are over 50 samovars, each from different era and country, with different design and heating systems. The oldest samovar is from 1810. In addition, you can see over 100 different glass holders. Also, traditional objects related to tea drinking, like clothing, furniture, church accessory, icons and so on, are presented. Souvenirs and handicrafts from brand „Varvara Gourmet" are sold: chicory bread, chicory honey, onion jam, kulich, tea, dried onion, dried mushrooms, conserves and so on), Lake Peipus Room (Permanent exhibition that gives information about flora and fauna of Lake Peipus and life beside it. You can see figures of all 35 fishes that live in the lake. The lake can be viewed from a 4x1,4m maquette, where you can see all most inhabited areas., accommodations, museums, watch towers and a lot more).

Best swimming places are located in Omedu and Kasepää (behind Kasepää municipality government building). Tenting is possible at village square owned by Omedu Village association and at recreation area behind Kasepää municipality government building.

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Kasepää municipality welcomes you at all seasons of the year! We delight our visitors with beautiful nature, interesting history, culture and a pleasant leisure.